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My name is Margaret McGaffin and I run Kamaara Wedding Videos.  I've been creating wedding videos since 2014.  I work with a talented camera crew, male and female. We are a friendly bunch and put our wedding couples and guests at ease as we discreetly film your wedding.  We stay out of the way so you can enjoy your day.

Our videos are documentary style and we capture your wedding from first guests arrive, throughout the day until the dancing.  Bridal and groom prep filming is optional.  We use two cameras at every wedding and capture all the touching, happy moments you most likely will miss if you don't have a videographer to capture it all.  We deliver two videos to our customers.  One is a short highlights of the main parts of the day and is a few minutes long.  The main video can be an hour or more long. If the weather is suitable and we have permission from the venue, we will shoot some aerial footage using our drone camera.

Your video is one of the most important investment decisions you will make for your wedding.  After spending a lot of time and effort planning your amazing day, the most important thing to do is book your videographers.  Once all the excitement and flurry of the day has faded away, you'll always have your wedding video to watch.  You can enjoy your day over and over again.  So great for your friends, family and generations to come too.

We love what we do and our customers love what we do.