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Petal Preservations

Preserve your wedding memories forever!

I dry and preserve your wedding bouquet, button hole and corsages in 3D box frames, so that you can keep your special day alive in your memory forever.

Bridal bouquets can be preserved in the following frame sizes:
1. A4
2. A3
3. A2
4. Custom sizes on request

Wedding Package One:
A4 3D frame with Bride's bouquet along with buttonhole 6x8 3D frame.

Wedding Package Two:
A4 3D frame with Bride's bouquet along with Wedding invitation,bridal flowers and cork or cake topper in 6x8 3D frame.


When do I place an order?

6-12 months before your Wedding date- places book up fast as I only take on a few customers per month to ensure quality with each bespoke piece.

When should I give you my wedding flowers?

As soon after the wedding as possible to retain colour during the drying process. However, I have still dried flowers up to 2-3 months after a wedding. Ask me if you have a query!

How do I get my flowers to you?
As I am based in Mid Ulster, please drop them off with me as soon after the wedding as soon as possible.

How long will it take you to create my keepsake?
A few weeks.
This depends on many things; the type of flowers as some dry quicker than others, the size of bouquet and frame.
I am a one woman business and all orders are made only by me.

How long will my keepsake last?
It should last forever if cared for!
Keep out of direct sunlight
Keep in a cool environment- moisture can grow mould
Do not move it around- more chance of fallen leaves.
Keep flowers in water before preservation until they are in my safe hands.

Can you put souvenirs/memorabilia in the frame with my flowers?
Yes, this makes the frame so personal. I love adding your photos, cake topper, cork, buttonhole, corsage, invitation or personalised message such as first dance lyrics, dates and names.