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Richard Corbett Wedding & Engagement Photography

I think marriage is awesome, and wedding days are exceptionally special.

The anticipation, nerves, laughter, tears, being with loved ones, walking down the aisle, saying ‘I do’, kissing the bride, the speeches, the first dance.

Lots packed into one day, but it will also be one of the quickest days in your lives, so my role is to capture as much of the day as possible so you will have a visual history of your special day for you to enjoy for years to come.

Each wedding is as individual as the couple getting married, and over the years I have found myself photographing lots of weddings of couples in their 40's and 50's. I love the vibe from a wedding such as this. The 'second time round', life experience of the couples means the wedding takes on a relaxed, less formal nuance. The day has as much excitement as any wedding, but it also has another layer of maturity that gives the day a slightly different perspective for the wedding party. Being in my late 40's, with a wife and two teenage daughters, my own life experience means I am very comfortable with these type of weddings, in fact, this type of wedding has become a speciality of mine. If this resonates with you and the type of wedding you are having, feel free to give me a call. You will find me to be relaxed, understanding, and with no hard sales pitch.